Mizoram SWAN goes live!! Congratulations to the team!

We have the immense pleasure in informing you that DIT has declared the Mizoram SWAN Project to be operational.  Government of Mizoram proposed to set up Mizoram State Wide Area Network (MSWAN), using latest and State -of-the-art technology to improve the administrative efficiency. MSWAN is envisaged as the backbone network for data, video and voice communications throughout the State, for all Government Operations. MSWAN is proposed to modernize the communication and connectivity scenario in the State of Mizoram for intra-Government and Government to Citizen Services.

The project is about connectivity of 1 SHQ DC (State Head Quarter Data Centre), 8 DHQ (District Head Quarter),33 BHQ (Block Head Quarter), through various media such as Lease Line, VSAT in the entire state . The infrastructure is designed for rolling out e-governance applications across the state.