Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG)

Quality is a key factor today in international business competition. And quality, most people would now agree, is not something that added to the product during testing at the end of the development process; it is something everyone owns and is responsible for throughout that process.

Vayam’s software engineering process group (SEPG) focuses on software process improvement. Working with managers and engineers from software development organizations, the process group tracks, screens, in-stalls, and evaluates new methods and technology that can improve the software engineering capability of an organization.

Vayam’s SEPG is the focal point for process improvement. Composed of line practitioners, who have varied skills, the group is at the center of the collaborative effort of everyone in the organization who is involved with software engineering process improvement.

The Process Improvement Cycle

Software process improvement is a continuous cycle. The following steps are adapted by Vayam SEPG from the well-known Shewart cycle

  • Set expectations.
  • Assess the current practice.
  • Analyze the variance between expectation and practice.
  • Propose changes that will reduce the variance and thereby improve the process.
  • Plan the integration of the improvements into the existing process and update the process definition. If a formal process definition does not exist, it should be documented now.
  • Implement the improvements.
  • Perform the process as it is now defined.
  • Start over.