Consulting Services

Our cross-industry consulting services help you to build strategies, solve problems and deliver expert solutions. Our approach to Consultancy is about looking and listening; observing and understanding. As consultants, we understand and explore the business situation and environment of our clients to forecast opportunities and risks.

The most valuable aspect of consulting comes from generating change and leading transformation. Our works aims at opening new and useful perspectives, and provide the much needed support for our clients. We, as a consultant, work on the ideals of a Socratic entrepreneur - asking and answering questions that stimulate rational thinking and illuminate innovative ideas.

Our Consulting portfolio includes:

  • Business Consultancy
  • Process Consultancy
  • Technology Consultancy
  • Quality Consultancy

Some Important Projects

  • Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)
    Vayam conceptualized design and implementation strategy and monitored the implementation for the largest Indian e-governance project of ESIC. The project integrated front-end and back-end functions and processes to provide efficient health care and insurance benefits services to one crore eligible employees (and their 5 crore dependents) of over 3 lakh organisations spread all over the country. 

  • Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (R-APDRP)
    Vayam conceptualized the design and implementation strategy and monitored Part-A of the project. It included Consumer Indexing, GIS Mapping, Metering of Distribution Transformers and Feeders, and Automatic Data Logging for all Distribution Transformers and Feeders and SCADA / DMS system. It also includes adoption of IT applications for meter reading, billing &collection; energy accounting & auditing; MIS; redressal of consumer grievances; establishment of IT enabled consumer service centres, etc.

  • Department of Urban Developmentand Housing, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh
    We designed a cost effective, multi tenancy based IT enabled environment and as management consultants we developed a sustainable financial model which helped the state operationalize the project. This allowed the citizen centric services to be provided conveniently, at an affordable cost, at the door step of the citizens / businesses.

  • Competition Commission of India
    Competition Commission of India, as a part of its e-Governance initiative, has engaged Vayam to prepare an IT Road Map for all its functions and processes and to select the IT Implementation Agency for project execution. The task involves preparation of IT Plan, DPR, SRS and RFP and managing the Bid Process till the selection of successful bidder. The project is very challenging in that it involves the incorporation of global best practices to create world class systems and processes meeting world class standards while fulfilling e-governance objectives of citizen centric transparency and accountability.

  • Central Public Works Department of India (CPWD)
    CPWD, under the Ministry of Urban Development, is entrusted with the charge of construction and maintenance of buildings for most of the Central Government Departments, Public undertakings and autonomous bodies. Vayam has designed and conceptualized a countrywide system to automate all their functionalities to ensure operational efficiency, timely execution and financial optimisation.