Energy Management

Our Energy Management consulting division provides energy project consulting services. It takes a multi-disciplinary approach and provides complete range of services from concept development to commissioning of Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation and Carbon Credit projects. Our range of services includes Concept Development, Project Consulting, Know-How Transfer, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Management.

Energy Management Consulting practice enables organizations to manage and reduce their energy demand and implement sustainable business practices. Taking into account traditional concerns about service and cost, we provide our customers a comprehensive Energy Management strategy that can help them develop sustainable growth opportunities, maintain competitive differentiation and strengthen their green brand image.

In the last few years of operation we have developed our own expertise and now have our own team of accredited energy auditors, experienced electrical and mechanical engineers, researchers, environmentalists, marketing and financial managers. In the management of the projects, we depend a good deal on short-term consultants. We have been fortunate enough to get the co-operation of some of the best experts in their fields. We employ modern techniques of project management to ensure timely and speedy execution of the projects. We also maintain regular contact with leading industrial and research organizations, working in energy sector, infrastructure and clean development mechanism. A formal collaboration agreement is signed with these organizations for accessing their expertise either for an individual project or for working in some specific areas. 

Our portfolio of project services encompasses a broad domain of Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation and Carbon Credits Projects. 

Following are the strategic technical and business areas in which we are rendering our services: 

Renewable Energy Projects: 

We provide services for Solar, Biomass and Biomethanation Energy Projects. We provide complete services for setting up of the renewable energy systems, which include Project Site Selection, Marketing Arrangement, Statutory and non-Statutory Clearances, Financial Closure, Pre-Feasibility Report, Feasibility Report, Detailed Project Report, Basic Technology / Know-How and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC).

Energy Resource Management:

We take up study of socio-techno-economic aspects of utilization of resources, like renewable and conventional sources of energy, forest, animate power, agro produce, etc., at micro and macro levels. We take up investigations so that adequate information on various aspects of resources, which are relevant for decision making, is made available.

Energy Efficiency:

To increase energy efficiency of an industrial plant, we conduct Investment-Grade Energy Audit. The investment-grade audit, alternatively called a comprehensive audit or detailed audit, identifies all possible energy conservation measures including detailed project engineering. It provides a dynamic model of energy using characteristics of both the existing facility and all energy conservation measures identified. It includes a cost benefit analysis, based on capital and operating costs, energy and demand savings, paybacks, availability of financing and funding after rebates, if any.

Carbon Advisory: 

We assist in project screening, due diligence, project origination and identification, preparation of Project Design Document (PDD, PCN/PIN), Host Country Approval (HCA from MoEF), facilitate Validation by a designated operational entity (DOE), Contracting for selling of CERs and VERs etc. Our three step strategy to carbon management i.e. Measure-Manage-Minimize, is tailored to suit the specific, individual needs of each organization.

Some Important Projects

  • PEDA
    Vayam conducted the Design, Manufacture, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of 18 Nos (180 KW) of 10 KW each Stand Alone Roof Top SPV Power Plants in the 17 villages in Gurdaspur district of Punjab for a period of 10 years. 

  • Consulting Assignments
    Vayam has steered Energy Audit of Pumping Installations of Urban Water Supply Schemes Of Dausa, Chomu and Action Plan for Energy Savings in PHED, Rajasthan. We have provided our services for Carbon Credits Consulting under Clean Development Mechanism regime for Milk Food Plants in Patiala, Punjab and Moradabad, U.P.