GIS, Remote Sensing and GPS

Our GIS services enable visualization of geographic data, analysis of spatial relationships, and efficient data management. GIS data conversions allow data from different sources to be merged in one common format, which allows for easy access, analysis and utilization. 

We are capable of various geospatial analytical procedures for users in agriculture, fisheries, market research, transport, electrical network, banking water supplies, sewage, forestry, flood management, hazard mitigation etc.

Our GIS team, with a skilled thematic mapping service, helps you display the spatial distribution of a single attribute or a specific topic, such as property assessments, soil types or crime locations.

Our GIS and spatial solutions encircle application software services, data engineering, spatial modeling and analytics and engineering under the same domain. We have provided solutions to clients ranging from agriculture, land and property, transport, municipal bodies, mining etc.

Our Solution Offerings at a glance:

  • Geospatial Consultancy
  • Geo Database Generation
  • Satellite Image analysis
  • Google Earth Integration
  • Customized Geospatial Application development
  • OGC compliance application development
  • Enterprise GIS
  • Web Map publishing
  • GPS based Tracking system

Some Important Projects

  • Yamuna Expressway Project
    The project helps Yamuna Expressway Authority to ensure the timely land acquisition and the justified compensation to the landowners and proper land assessment. Analysis through GIS Technology can detect whether any change has occurred in the land use since notification. 

  • Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority
    We have successfully completed the development and deployment of GIS Based Spatial Decision Support System helping the authority to analyze trend of development, enable better planning and management of resources, analyze the available green space, and take measures to preserve them.

  • Central Mine Planning and Design Institute Limited
    Under the project with CMPDI, Vayam has completed the development of database integrated with web based GIS helped our client in creation and maintenance of coal resource database of our country. It improved the detection of coal resources and access to geo-science information. It ensures exploration data to promote effective and efficient mineral exploration. It also enables easy accessing and sharing of geological information in the distributed environment.

  • Bokaro-KodarmaMaithon Transmission Company Limited (BKMTCL)
    Bokaro-KodarmaMaithon Transmission Company Limited (BKMTCL) was established for evacuation system for Maithon RB, Kodarma and Bokaro Extension Thermal Power Plants. Vayam’s contribution in this project includes GIS enabled Modern Surveying Techniques that allow BKMTCL to optimize the cost of transmission line. The project has also helped in ensuring the statutory clearances with respect to power line crossings, railway crossings, road crossings Environmental sanctions, etc.

  • Health Management Information System Augmentation for Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
    HMIS is an elaborate Monitoring and Evaluation system of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to monitor and evaluate the impact of its health programmes and provide key inputs to policy formulation and interventions. Using the techniques of Geo - Spatial Analysis and GIS Web Application Functionality, Vayam has enabled the HMIS Portal with a Web based Data Entry Application which integrates Data Consolidation from various sources. It has Data Warehouse functionalities, Data Analysis, Intelligence and Reporting and Performance Management. 

  • Kolkata Urban Services for the Poor
    Under this project, GIS Survey work has been implemented in the 41 Urban Local Bodies of West Bengal with the objective of collection of household level details for tax assessment and tax management. These ULBs will be equipped with Geographic Information System (GIS) that comprise of digitized base map, database that has linkage to geographic elements of the base map, processes that ensure updating of both base map and database and analytical and report generating tools to make use of the data in urban planning and governance with customized software.