Security and Surveillance

Organisations are under pressure to enable employees, partners and customers to access more sensitive information from anywhere and any device. These market dynamics make an advanced authentication system and fraud prevention solution critical parts of any organisation’s security strategy. We provide advanced authentication solutions and variety of two-factor and risk-based authentication methods to help you prevent breaches and fraud. Information Security includes:

  • Identity & Access Management  
  • Information Protection and Control 
  • Privilege User Management 
  • Intrusion Prevention Solutions  
  • Mail Security  
  • Security Intelligence

We design and configure physical security measures that are designed to deny access to unauthorized personnel (including attackers or even accidental intruders) from physically accessing a building, facility and resource, along with guidance on how to design structures to resist potentially hostile acts. We have a comprehensive offering that includes hardware, software and services components, designed to safeguard your assets. Security and Surveillance includes:

  • Closed-circuit television & IP video surveillance 
  • Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System based on ANPR 
  • Smart fencing, Optical turnstile & Bollard 
  • Intrusion Detection Radar (IDR) 
  • Nuclear, Chemical & Biological Detection System 
  • Logical security Design and Deployment 
  • Proximity Card & Smart card      
  • Key (cryptography) 
  • Setting up Security Operation Center

Some Important Projects

  • Chennai and Kolkata Airport
    Vayam has executed the Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Cameras, Workstations and Software for surveillance CCTV (SCCTV) system at Chennai Airport and Kolkata Airport (Integrated Passenger Terminal Buildings). 

  • Tihar Jail, New Delhi
    Vayam has accomplished the installation and commissioning CCTV system for surveillance in Tihar Jail, which consists of CCTV cameras and monitoring station. The Cameras have been installed at strategic locations to monitor movement within the jail premises. The jails are one of the secluded areas in the city and need high level of surveillance during the night hours. Real-time camera feeds are transmitted to the control center which provides up to date information to the Jail personnel which in turn help in effective decorum maintenance and fast decision making.

  • Project Diara (Defence Information Assurance and Research Agency)
    Vayam has successfully completed the Establishment of CERT and Cyber Forensic Labs for Headquarter of Integrated Defense Services (HQ IDS), Ministry of Defence.

  • Cert in
    CERT-In has been set up to enhance the Cyber Security in Indian Cyber Space. It mainly serves as a central point for responding to Cyber Security Incidents as and when they occur. CERT-In operations are carried out on 24x7 basis. The project involved supply, installation and commissioning of Distributed Password Recovery System. Distributed Password Recovery System is a high end appliance to recover the passwords and decrypt the files.

  • CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation)
    Cyber Hi-Tech Crime Investigation and Training project involved supply, installation, commissioning of Cyber Forensic Solutions for Network Forensics, Mobile Forensics, Password Recovery, Email Analysis, Hard Disk Forensics and training of CBI Officials.

  • Police Biometric (AFIS) - Delhi Police/Haryana Police
    Project involved Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Support for Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) along with fingerprint scanners. AFIS is an Automated System meeting International Standards for Storage and Retrieval of Ten Digit Finger Print and/or Palm Print with the facility of Chance Print search having data storage capacity for ultimate search and Criminal Database management.