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Vayam Technologies Ltd., in collaboration with its technology partner, GMV has successfully implemented a project for ‘development, implementation and operation & maintenance of Integrated Transit Management System (ITMS) for Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS), Ahmedabad’ for Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited, Ahmedabad. This project was awarded to the SPV of Vayamtech and GMV in August 2010. This is the first-ever BRTS project in India with full ITMS functionality, and had been implemented by Vayam-GMV on 61 bus stations and 90 buses by 31st March 2011, and the project went into operation & maintenance (O&M) phase with effect from 1st April 2011. The O&M phase will continue for 6 years as per the contract.

As part of the project, Vayamtech and its partner set up an integrated system mainly comprising the following:

  1. A Command and Control Centre (equipped with a Data Centre, and a Video-Wall with 3x3 matrix of 46” LCD Panels for online visual display of movement of buses on the BRTS);   
  2. Ticketing, token/smart card infrastructure at the bus stations;
  3. Passenger Information System consisting of LED Displays at the bus stations to show the Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) of buses;
  4. Passenger Information System consisting of 3 LED Displays coupled with voice announcements in the buses;
  5. Hand Held Terminals for ticket inspection;
  6. On-Board Consoles in the buses equipped with GPS and GPR- SIM for on-line tracking of buses and transferring of GPS data to the control centre;
  7. Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS);
  8. Automatic Vehicle Locating System (AVLS)application software including the Vehicle Scheduling and Dispatching component;
  9. Financial Management System;
  10. Incident Management System.

The control centre, and the bus stations are inter-connected over MPLS-VPN links.

As of March 2014, Vayamtech has implemented ITMS in Ahmedabad on 127 bus stations and 150 buses, on plying on 9 routes covering about 86 km of route-km. 

This prestigious project has earned many national and international awards over the last 3 years. Read More