By driving cost-effective advantages for the entire value chain, Vayam engineers your organisation for innovation, intensification and expansion.

Vayam Technologies Ltd. is a global technology services company that operates through 45 locations across India. We help businesses and consumer products to set up networks and manage IT infrastructure needs (whether stand-alone, cloud or mobile-enabled). As part of our strategy for the future, we have partnered with various Fortune 100 companies in a bid to assist their business and organisational landscape. Since our inception in the year 2001, Vayam has imbibed the ‘Power of We’ in our IT services and solutions. Our portfolio includes prominent corporate and government clients from around the world, including the USA, Norway, Amsterdam, London, Singapore, Dubai and India.

We offer expertise ranging from the understanding of enterprise processes and technical solutions, to a host of management services. A sourcing relation with us can help in augmenting IT availability and business efficiency - a service that is currently provided to more than 140 customers globally. Some of the contributing factors to our growing business graph include well-equipped technologies, customer empowerment, innovative business development and organized data. Vayam has its headquarters in the heart of the capital city of New Delhi, close to the Central Ministries of the country. It also owns a fully-operational development centre in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, an industrial township bordering Delhi.

Backed with a workforce of over 1,000 technology professionals, sophisticated tools and methodologies, we have delivered more than 400 projects. Vayam is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 20000-1:2011 certified company. It has adhered to specific rules in order to obtain these certifications, which include: consistency in providing products that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, effectively implementing and operating customer services within specified timeframes, and undergoing formal audits at regular intervals that demonstrate the company’s transparency at all times. Vayam is also accredited with CMMI Dev L5 v1.3.

Our Vision

To constantly redefine innovative strategies and to apply a progressive approach as we undertake new challenges.

Our misson

To provide outstanding and reliable services to our IT clients.

Our Values

  • Transparency in operations
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Optimisation of performance
  • A commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

 Why Vayam?

We utilise our experience and expertise to benefit diverse market segments

Vayam Technologies Ltd has made some remarkable developments and contributions towards Indian IT solutions. As an industry pioneer, we provide

end-to-end IT services and solutions to our clients worldwide. We cater to diverse market segments such as logistics, education, healthcare, retail and utility, BPOs, banks, police, security agencies and public as well as private transport operators. Our team of over 1,000 technology professionals specifically focus on the core value of the business, empowering it with prompt and credible data extraction and real-time decisions.

The Power of WE

Unity. Empowerment. Change.

At the core of our value system, lies our belief in The Power of WE. 

Our company name Vayam, literally means unity, or WE, in the Sanskrit language, and it is through this fundamental identity that we synergise individual traits, strengths and accomplishments to create a multi-faceted yet organic team of talent.

It is this ethos that fuels our unshakeable vision of a collective growth and future. For it is only through the Power of We, through the power of unity, that we can seek empowerment and ultimately, evolve change.

From the Management’s Desk (CMD’s Message)

I am very pleased to report to you on a superb year for your company. A year of record revenue, profit, cash flow and orders in process. It reflects the hard work of my colleagues and important strategic choices that we made a few years ago. Choices that have put us in a strong position to continue to grow profitably, to strengthen our client relationships and to seize the most attractive opportunities in a very dynamic global economy.

We believe in winning through a relentless cycle of innovation, reinvention and shift to higher value. Over the past years we have increased our skill base in analytics, consulting, power and utilities. We have also added nearly 5000 Internet-enabled rural services delivery centres, providing its inhabitants services in key areas of eGov, healthcare, education, agriculture, telecom banking and insurance. Our e-commerce portal registering 4 million transactions last year has encouraged us in enhancing our skill base in social, mobile, cloud and smart technologies. And we are now taking the next step, Smart Evolution.

Ashok Tiwari
Chairman-Managing Director
Vayam Technologies Ltd.