Having access to and control over critical information data is a crucial requirement of an enterprise. Such data can proliferate at an uncontrollable rate as much of it is unstructured, free-form text and defies the rigidity of database management systems. It is no longer access to information alone that determines winners; rather it is the application of this information that solves business problems.

A domain-specific BI solution backed by a well-constructed data warehouse is crucial, as BI can help identify key trends, foresee predictable events, ensure availability of business-critical information and enable efficient and timely business decisions.

We offer a comprehensive set of services and solutions to help clients optimize their business performance. These services traverse the entire lifecycle – from data modeling to reporting –and are designed to provide reliable and timely data for strategic and tactical decision-making.

Some Important Projects

National Aids Control Organisation

The National AIDS Control Organisation is a division of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It leads the country’s HIV/AIDS control programme through 35 HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Societies across India. Vayam has developed NACO’s Strategic Information Management System (SIMS) at national and state levels, for strategic planning, monitoring, evaluation, surveillance and research in the effective tracking of and response to HIV cases. The system empowers programme officers and facilitates data and information flow and feedback at various levels.

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National Rural Health Mission

The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) is a Government initiative that addresses the health needs of the poor in rural areas. Vayam has enabled a web-based health management information system that facilitates the quick and efficient flow of information starting from the facility-level, up to the district, state and finally the centre. Additionally, the system will provide an array of intelligent tools for advanced data analysis, reporting, monitoring, evaluation and overall program management.

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Bharat Earth Movers Limited

BEML Limited was established in May 1964 as a Public Sector Undertaking for the manufacture of Rail Coaches & Spare Parts and Mining Equipment in Bangalore, Karnataka. BEML was conferred the Mini-Ratna and under the administrative control of the Ministry of Defence, has evolved to a multi-technology company. It offers high-quality products for diverse sectors of economy such as coal, mining, steel, limestone, power, irrigation, construction, road building, aviation, defence, metro and railways. Vayam has offered BEML with an analytical solution that has the ability to forecast demand for spare parts and also to optimise their inventory. This helps BEML maintain adequate stock levels and optimal response times.

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Department of Economic and Statistical Analysis, Haryana

The Department of Economic and Statistical Analysis (DESA), Haryana, is administered by the state’s Department of Planning. It collects, compiles and analyses data across varied socio-economic sectors for the formulation of development programmes and the state’s five year plans.

Vayam has provided DESA with a solution for the direct, real-time capture of data from its Districts and Reporting Units. The data is processed and aggregated reports, tabulations and publications are made available through various reporting options. The solution offered has a facility to provide dashboards which display snapshots of the economic health of the state; this is available to the DESA Director and/or CM.

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