In recent years, there have been drastic modifications in the usage of mobility technology in working culture. Enterprise mobility is the use of advanced mobile devices and cloud services for undertaking business tasks and enabling the prompt mobility of corporate data. Vayam’s Enterprise Mobility solutions help customers substantially by increasing the work efficiency of their employees, improving security risks, preventing the loss of data and easing the sharing of data.

Vayam’s skilled team of professionals is well versed with mobile application development on all major platforms – iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod), Android and Windows Mobile – and is well aware of the critical success factors that are required for their successful delivery.

Our Enterprise Mobility solutions help our customers in determining the impact of mobile technology on the business. We design user-centric mobile apps for the unique business needs of customers and then identify and implement these solutions across multiple platforms.

Windows Mobile Device Application for Northwest Horticulture

Vayam delivered effective cloud migration services for Northwest Horticulture (NWH) through the creation of the Windows Mobile Device Application. Vayam adopted the Windows Mobile Platform to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and link all departments to offer an online platform for supporting interaction between the field and the ERP system.

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NetConnect Team Portal Application for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Team Portal provides a framework in which SharePoint application templates and web parts can be published. This is a brand new way to host Microsoft SharePoint sites and applications by simplifying management and provisioning. Vayam added technological value to the NetConnect Team Portal by providing the custom web part Team Portal Conferencing (TPC) and the site template (Taskr), using the out-of-box SharePoint functionality.

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Drool Radio - Audio Streaming Application for iPhone/iPod Touch

Drool Radio is a High Quality Internet Streaming Radio Player with a Unique Retro design based on the MVC pattern. As the radio is streamed over the Internet, one can listen to favorite local radio stations while abroad, as Drool Radio will automatically adjust the stream bit rate to match the available bandwidth – and with quality results if one is connected to Wi-Fi.

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Stolz Scanner application for iPhone/iPod Touch

This is an application created for Event Managers who are customers of the Stolz Event Management platform. This web platform created by Vayam enables event creation and the sale of tickets. Sold tickets are delivered electronically by SMS or e-mail and are each identified by a Unique Barcode.

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