For most organisations today, the question is not whether to migrate to cloud. Rather, it is WHEN to migrate. Leading organizations are moving from cautious exploration to the reality of multiple individual cloud offerings handling critical pieces of their business operations, sourced from multiple public and private providers. There is an increased need to connect back to the core of the business, often through traditional data-driven on premise integration solutions. Identity, credential and access management becomes essential when multiple cloud offerings are integrated and applications coordinated. Vayam adopts multi- pronged strategies to manage user roles and facilitate enterprise single sign-on between cloud providers and traditional enterprise technologies.

Our Cloud Migration team helps to identify and discover current assets and usage, topologies and dependencies, platforms and licenses as well as SLA’s security and compliance. We also provide our customers with the transition framework services that help in forecasting the outcomes of Cloud Migration.


Valori is a Dutch IT company providing consultancy, managed services, capacity and training in the field of Business Analysis, Testing and Management. Vayam developed the Microsoft Office 365 software for Valori, which has helped the company’s flexibility and boosted email availability and reliability. Vayam adopted Cloud Migration to use proficient cost-effective means in overcoming the challenges of communication faced by different teams of employees at Valori, improving inter-connectivity, communication and the sharing of data.

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