The regular maintenance and reviewing of technology is unavoidable. Often most companies face the complex challenge of controlling costs without compromising on the standard of the technology.

Vayam’s Application Management Services (AMS) designs management structures for customers according to their business objectives. This system helps clients smoothly achieve their targets, enables cost reduction, allows for quick and effective decision-making and increases overall value of output. We aim to expand Application Portfolio investments and maximise the returns for each of our customers.

Our gamut of Application Management Services includes Systems Planning and Implementation, Legacy Application Migration, Product/Application Development, 24x7 Post-Production support for Operation and Maintenance, and Technology Refresh. A brief on some of Vayam’s top Application Management projects is presented below:

Directorate General of Married Accommodation Project

Vayam developed an Integrated IT Solution with workflow management capabilities to automate business processes and procedures for DG MAP, managed by the Ministry of Defence, India.

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Council of Scientific & Industrial Research

Vayam implemented the Finance Automation System for the CSIR, increasing its efficiency and staff productivity through improved monitoring and transparency. We further provided a host of web-based benefits through the Management Information System (MIS) Application Software.

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Mission Convergence

Mission Convergence is an initiative by the Government of Delhi. Known as Samajik Suvidha Sangam, it undertakes various social welfare services to enable the poor through an efficient, single-window system. A strategy was devised inducing Technical Application Management support from Vayam, and adopting multi-purpose IBM technology. Vayam developed the Management Information System (MIS) that enables monitoring and regular updates on the process.

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Department of Economic and Statistical Analysis, Haryana State, India

The Department of Economic and Statistical Analysis (DESA), Haryana, is administered by the state’s Department of Planning. It collects, compiles and analyses data across varied socio-economic sectors for the formulation of development programmes and the state’s five year plans. Vayam provides solutions to DESA for collecting data, improving data quality, and also making data publishable by the state.

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National AIDS Control Organisation

The National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) under the Ministry of Health, India required an MIS to monitor, evaluate and analyse the efficacy of various schemes launched to control the spread of the disease. Vayam’s web-based SIMS deployed various tools to collect data from the grassroots level across India and to analyse and report the same using SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform integrated with GIS technologies.

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New Delhi Municipal Corporation

The NDMC wanted to create a detailed map of its entire jurisdiction to aid urban redevelopment, engineering services and other municipal administration matters. To achieve the same, Vayam developed a GIS-based Property and Asset database that maps all the assets and green cover for the area administered by the NDMC.

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