The Power of We

अहम्‌ अद्वितीयम् वयम्‌ ब्रह्मास्मि

..aham advitiyam, vayam brahmasmi.. 

"Though I am unmatched but it is us, we ourselves which complete the world"

The power of We at Vayam emerges from a position of collective empowerment. The intrinsic strength of ‘We’ hails from the institutional value of the organization that is capable of accommodating homogenous individual traits synergistically. So while each one of us can make a difference, an individual’s feat of accomplishment is truly a product of team work. Vayam, meaning ‘We’ in Sanskrit derives its core strength by evolving every team member to a state of the institution. Because the ‘Power of We’ is the power to change.